Here is a quick little Sling Chair Reupholstery with Hand Printed Fabric.

It was so simple that I think ‘Reupholstery’ might be a strong word, though that’s technically what it is. I found this Sling Chair in my local favorite Junky Pile (my local Goodwill outlet). Right away I knew it would be perfect for one of my prints. I also knew it would not be more of a commitment than what I could take on right now, and that it would be a wonderful addition to my family hang out spot. At $2, it was a steal! The frame is pretty simple, but sturdy…it even holds me without crashing down, haha!

Here’s the before, in all its man-cave glory:


Fit for a man-cave, no?

The wood was in pretty good shape, it just looked a little dull. I considered painting it, but decided against it because everything doesn’t need a coat of paint. I decided to bring some of the luster back with some wood conditioner of some sort. A quick search yielded a recipe for “Wood Butter.” It’s pretty simple, really.

My Wood Butter Recipe:

1 part beeswax
4 parts Liquid Oil
(I used olive, but you could use Mineral Oil, as suggested online.

It worked like a charm. I believe that the oil is really just to help dilute the beeswax, which is the one doing all the work. I had some beeswax left over from making some butter for twisting my locs on wash-day. I get my beeswax from a local beekeeper at our farmer’s market. It smells amazing!

All you need to do is gently rub the butter into the wood with a soft cloth. Use the cloth to take out a dime-sized piece of butter at a time and buff into the wood until you no longer feel the butter on it. You will notice an immediate difference as the wood is brought back to life.

Here’s the wood with and without the “Wood Butter”:


Maybe I should use some wood-butter on my floors…

I block-printed my ‘Lynx’ design onto a piece of canvas drop-cloth. I used the fabric that was on it as a pattern and sewed up the ‘upholstery.’

Here is the finished product:


In the Yetunde Rodriguez “Lynx” Print in Green, this sling chair is She-shed ready!

Sling Chair in-situ

Here it is, in said room.

So there you have it! One of the many ways that you can customize your decor to your tastes. Always be on the lookout for someone else’s trash that can become your treasure.

A few tips when seeking that treasure:

  1. Look for a piece that does not need more work than you can commit to immediately, or that is not above your skill level. If it’s too involved, you’ll probably never get to it.
  2. Look for deal-breakers. Unless you are a furniture designer/maker/builder, a wobbly chair may be a daunting fix. Some fixes only require some simple research to fix.
  3. Try to research your piece and the required tools/materials  while you’re still in the store, before purchasing. This should be fairly easy if you have a smart-phone on you.
  4. Make sure the price is worthwhile for the amount of work required. If it’s a $2 chair that’s in good shape, that’s a solid buy. If it’s a wobbly $50 table that you would have to rent a truck to carry home, take apart, then rebuild and refinish, you might want to reconsider.

I especially love projects that I only really need to dust up, paint and maybe swap out fabric. Since I design a line of fabrics, I can get what I really want. If you would like to see my process, take a look here.

Find more of Yetunde Rodriguez Design Fabric and other items, including the “Lynx” fabric used here.


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